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Check out What Kwaito Star Brickz Has Been up to During His Stay In Prison

Kwaito star Brickz Mabrigado who's real name is Sipho Ndlovu has been in prison for close to 5 years now, ever since he was convicted and sentenced to spend over 15 years in jail for raping a 17 year old relative of his. The news of this came out back in 2013 and it came as a shock to everyone as the singer was someone that people looked up to and a lot of people loved him and his music.

The star is very talented and really loves his music and has passion for the art form, as he released some smash hit singles back in the day that really put him on the make and put him on top of his game at the time. Even though he has been maintaining his innocence through out the case and claiming that he didn't do it, but was sentenced eitherway, he is really making the best of his stay in prison.

In a youtube video, it has surfaced that the singer is continuing with his love for music, because all know that passion never dies out. He has put together a Choir, made out of other inmates and he is the choir master and he is really good at it. What happened to Bricks and that girl was really misfortune, and a really talented guy spend a portion of his life behind bars and not being able real give us some good music for some time. 

Some people are happy for the singer for not giving up on his passion for music while he is still inside, and also not giving up on live as they love his music, but others did not take well to the news as they thought that it is not a good thing for prisoners to enjoy themselves whilst in prison as they will not regret the error of their ways and change.


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