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Do You Know That Minnie Dlamini Has A Hidden Talent? Check them Out Here (details)

Minnie shared one of her hidden powers with us on Instagram, where she received a lot of attention. "If you had to ask me who I am, I'll tell you that I'm a storyteller," she explained. 

I adore life and the way my forefathers and foremothers passed on our history and the lessons that the next generation must learn. I consider myself quite fortunate in that I am able to communicate my passion in a variety of ways. 

"Another one of my (no longer-secret) talents is revealed. It has been my pleasure to write a beautiful love story that transcends racial prejudice. I have the opportunity to collaborate with my brilliant brother @junkieflo, who brought our idea to life with the help of a wonderful team of writers in the @kyknettv film PA. 

"It's always about breaking the mold and not allowing myself to be labeled," says the artist. 

Aside from that, Minnie was one of the ZAlebs who paid respect to Shona Ferguson, who passed away last week as a result of complications from Covid-19. 

"I recall my first day on the Wild, and the Fergusons immediately accepted me as one of their own," she wrote on her Instagram account. My television mother and father were contagious and the funniest couple on the planet, who just addressed each other by the names of their dogs. I was named "Mouse" from the moment I was born, and I can hear him giggling as I type it, with the wildest chuckle that would follow. 

"Mr. Sho spent hours talking about the future of South African film and television, and it was wonderful to see these goals brought to life." Ferguson Films is a forward-thinking manufacturing company that has revolutionized the way we watch television today. Mr. Sho, that's exactly what you did!!! 

It is the love of Mr Sho and Ma Connie that I aim to emulate in my own marriage. They demonstrated to me that my goals and objectives could be met in the manufacturing environment. 

We have lost a game-changer, a pioneer, and a brilliant guy who showed the world what it is to love one's father and mother. #ripshonaferguson🕊💔 Hamba Kahle is an abbreviation for Hamba Kahle (Hamba Kahle is an abbreviation for Hamba Kahle). @connie ferguson, Baba Hamba Baba, Baba Hamba Baba "We adore you and send our heartfelt sympathies." 

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