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People Noticed This Shocker About Dhulas On Mnakwethu: Happily Ever After: “He Is Broke”

Mnakwethi: Happily Ever After May just be one of the most controversial reality shows in South Africa. People just have a lot to say about the show, they idea of young beautiful woman agreeing to such nonsense is absurd to us.

On last night’s episode of Mnakwethu, people had a lot to say about Dhulas. Dhulas is one of the most hated and controversial stars on the reality show. Women just hate how he treats women and how controlling he is.

People find it difficult to understand why three beautiful women are fighting over a person like him. In last nights episode, people noticed something in his house. Ladies noticed that his house did not have curtains. It is mind blowing that a person who can not even afford to buy curtains.

Is is baffling that three women are fighting so hard to be In poverty.

How can a person who is barely getting by even think about polygamy. He can barely provide for one women, how is he going to provide for three women.

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