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SK Khoza's fall from grace as video goes viral

SK Khoza has been the talk in the social media for days now. He was seen in a few videos where he was fighting with a hotel staff, the other one show him at a groove, then the one at an open space screaming at people and on those videos he was not wearing shoes.

The fans at first assumed that he overdosed on drugs, as he has been seen on camera snorting substance before. To some it was not a surprise to see him like that.

Later some fans saw a post by Gogo Moweni, who apparently happenes to be SK's baby mama. Gogo Moweni posted "Lol😂 I don't have baby daddy issues. All issues were settled in my ndumba! The outcome was to leave them with nothing... If my kids dont "eat" no one eats - do the maths! "

Fans who came across this post suspected the Gogo Moweni used muthi to reap of two men's income and leave them with nothing because they are failing to provide for their kids.

If you could look into the two men's live you'd be shocked, they both lost their jobs in a surprising way.

Siyabonga Zulu (he is apparently the father of Gogo Moweni's child) was fired from his club shortly after infamous threats.

SK, on the other hand falls from grace in public knowledge. He was shown door the Queen few months ago after gender -based violence reports were made public by his then fiancee. SK quickly confirmed the allegations and asked for people's forgiveness.

Now his viral videos where it seemed like he has lost his mind.

Apperley SK Khoza posted on his instagram story and that status seems like he is planning to take his life. The status is similar to the one that Ricky Rick posted before taking his life. It said "Maybe some of us were ment to be great in the other lifetime and this one is not for us"

While it seems like SK is about to take her life, Gogo Moweni on the other hand, landed herself clients who want to use muthi on their baby dadies, who don't want to maintain their children. She commented that she'll just need the name, surname and the photo to do all the work.

Whats your take in today's juices, Do you think Gogo Moweni used muthi on the two men and would you use muthi on your baby daddy if he dont want to maintain?

Content created and supplied by: Lindi_tsh (via Opera News )

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