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King Monada Gets Surprise Kiss From A Fully Grown Man

The incident is still a shock to many members of the public and they are wondering to themselves what is going on with the video that is circulated on social media showing King Monada, one of Limpopo's top artists basically getting kissed by a man.

This is something that he definitely did not expect but it seems like while he was pulling off at a concert and while he had his car door opened, the man approached him and kissed him in the mouth or was it the cheek.

We are not really sure because the video and the incident happened very quickly so now he has went onto social media in order to complain that he was kissed by a man, this would have been welcomed if it was a woman but unfortunately for him it seems like women and men alike adore him very much.

To such an extent where he was kissed by a man this was no April Fools prank because we are in trouble and you can just understand how short he was that the incident had even happened, the only thing remaining was for him to get out of the car and assault the man.

But that is not what happened and it truly is shockong we are quite sure that it even happened the way that it did, so of course members of the public are basically laughing at this whole incident and they're wondering what is really going on in this case.

For this man to be in such a situation but the question that a lot of people have is why did that man kiss him out of all the things that one could do, what had truly motivated him to do such a thing it is very concerning to many members of the public.

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