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Meet The Woman Who Looks Exactly Like A Barbie Doll.

Have you ever met a real life Barbie Doll?

Many parents have worried that Barbie creates an unrealistic body image standards for young girls but turns out it I'd actually achievable!

In fact it turns out that there is a woman in the world named Valeria Lukyanova who has worked so hard to look like a Barbie Doll.

The Ukrainian model has surprised many with her unbelievable image as a "human Barbie". But obviously she didn't look like that overnight!

Valerie is an excellent makeup artist and can make her eyes look exactly like a barbie doll. She also underwent radical plastic surgery to transform herself into a living version of the popular doll.

Her obsession with Barbie started from a young age and she liked the fact that Barbie is perfect! So Barbie became her inspiration and in a way, role model.

Today, Valeria is practically impossible to miss or ignore! Anyone who sees her in public is stuck wondering how she’s even real. 

Here is more pictures of the Barbie Doll Look A Like:

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