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Last words said by superstars before their death.

People often say things on their deathbeds or before they die that their loved ones remember, and in today's list, we'll look at some of the last words said by notable people before they died.

2 Pac

At the age of 25, famous rapper 2 pac was shot in a drive-by shooting. He had already achieved a lot of success at such a young age, with 7 albums that reached platinum status. "FUCK YOU," he said to the first correspondent as his final words.

Whitney Houston

She performed the song Jesus loves me and even told a friend that she felt like the end was near on Friday evening before she was found dead after accidentally drowning in her bathtub. Considered the most successful rnb artist of all time, the 48-year-old sold over 200 million records. "I'M GOING TO SEE JESUS," she said last.


Stanley is the author of your favorite comics such as the Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and others. He died of pneumonia.

"TAKE CARE OF MY BOY JIMM," he said last.

Bob Marley

Because of his religious views, the famed reggae artist died of melanoma after refusing to receive treatment.

"MONEY CAN'T BUY LIFE," he said as his final words.

Michael Jackson

The king of pop, as we know him, died in 2008 after overdosing on propafol, which he referred to as milk and had requested from his doctor to help him sleep. His all-time hit "So'g" was the best song of all time, grossing more than 55 million dollars. "MORE MILK PLEASE," he said as his final words.

Princess Diana

The 36-year-old princess died in a car accident, and her funeral was shown live on television to an audience of more than 32 million people.

Her final words were OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED, which she said to a photographer when her automobile collided with another vehicle.

John kennedy

The most well-known murder in history. The American president, a Havard and naval reserve graduate, was assassinated in broad daylight.

"NO YOU CERTAINLY CAN'T," he remarked in response to a remark that "you can't claim Dallas doesn't love you, Mr. President."

George bush

From 1989 until 1993, he served as President of the United States. After his son called him and told him he'd been a fantastic father, his dying words were I LOVE YOU TOO.

Our deepest condolences to all of these people's families, friends, and admirers, and may their souls rest in peace, since they are and will always be in our hearts.

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