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Uzalo:Nonka Got Arrested And Kwanda Doesn't Care See What's Going To Happen To Nonka


Nonka got captured for Kwanda's bad behaviors. Nonka was only a young lady who had a fantasy to open a wonder shop yet sadly Kwanda saw a potential chance to obliterate Nonka's fantasy and notoriety.

The previous episode was excessively close to home to watch Nonka being captured for something she knows about. Kwanda is excessively cutthroat.

What befell Nonka is so exceptionally miserable as medications where sold right in front of her and she didn't understand. She believed Kwanda to the degree that she didn't see the need to know where all the cash was coming from. The main thing that was at the forefront of Nonka's thoughts was accomplishing her fantasies and removing her family from neediness not realizing that she is causing her own downfall. Nonka was sold out by the individual she adored.

Lilly was in a tough spot. She did what she should do as a cop yet it was difficult for her to capture her own blood. It was difficult for her to cuff Nonka, she cried and she was in any event, shaking.

Nonka at long last found that she was carrying on with a falsehood from the start. The miserable part is that she is double-crossed by the individual she was involved with. It's miserable for her to understand that the individual she cherishes was just utilizing her business sell medications and she didn't see a thing. People who are head over heels for each other can find no fault in each other inded.

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