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Jacob Zuma's Ex-fiance Left Mzansi Off Gut After Her Secret Get Exposed In #RHOD

Jacob Zuma's Ex-fiance Left Mzansi Off Gut After Her Secret Get Ecposed In #RHOD

It's been a season of glamour, laughter, arguments, friendships and frenemies. If you missed the episode make sure you don't miss the reunion -livestream it on the DStv app now. Here we wrap it up what was happening in the Real Housewives of Durban. 

Laconco is Serving us some drip Lona, her dress is Sickening hle Suka Demedi. Her response on the Zuma question prooves shes a queen. Mzansi were left speechless after learning that she was born in 1991 and happen to got married and have a child with former President Jacob Zuma who is 79 years old.

LaConco was under hot water when the question about her relationship with former President Jacob Zuma pops up. Laconco asked them to "Google her". She was annoyed when they ask her questions related to what they found on google. She was getting annoyed because she said they must Google her, and not ask her questions. 

Google has all the answers. She told them to Google her cause whatever she says on the media is important and would reach the headlines in an instant. Everyone was so concern about relationship of Laconco but they have never discussed the "Iconic" husband or Sorisha's husband. Now I can see the reasons why the former president married Laconco,she’s matured and respectful. 

We are all being unfair towards LaConco. Why must she constantly be asked about her marriage yet the other ladies never talk about their relationships?? She didn’t come here to discuss her marriage please.

Standard Ncwane is definately the girl that she thinks she is and more. Ayanda think that she is the wife of the president of United states. Some fans think that Ayanda is bitter. Talk about being bitter and jealous. Ayanda has no right to apologise and lower herself to you for loving herself. She knows her worth and nobody can take that away from her. Learn to love yourself sisi. Ayanda is the girl that she thinks she is.

Nonku and Ayanda to my opinion, I feel like are bullies, they see themselves above everybody else. They never own up to the wrongs they do to other people.

Anna hates Nonku with passion.  She dismissed everything she says. You don't need such person in life. Annie is bitter. Yes Nonku's first event was a flop but she actually redeemed herself a number of times after that, including the golf event and the Cape Town trip. She needs to let it go and grow up. 

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