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Things Angel Did In The BBN House That Made Her Win The Hearts Of The Viewers

The BBnaija show came to a close recently, and White Money was declared the winner. However, it's also important to remember some of the things that different housemates did in the BBN house that made people like them while the show was on.

Angel is one of the most talked-about housemates on the show, and she did a few things in the house that drew people's attention. In this post, I'll show you four things Angel did in the Big Brother house that earned her the admiration of certain viewers.

1) Angel got along well with a handful of his housemates:

This is one of Angel Smith's most significant figures in the BBN household. Angel was a vivacious woman who didn't hesitate to approach any of the other housemates. Despite the fact that the vast majority of her housemates were male, she warmed up to a lot of them. Angel also understands how to bring life into the setting when everything else appears to be exhausted, and this is something that a lot of onlookers couldn't help but notice. Several viewers were pleased with the fact that Angel was not an exhausting challenger throughout the show.

Some of her nice behavior toward some male housemates was misinterpreted as sincere thoughts. In any event, she explained that she was just being herself.

2) She exuded confidence:

Angel Smith revealed that she was only 21 years old when she entered the BBN home, and she was certainly the youngest. Regardless, her actions did not make her appear to be a 21-year-old. Angel drank with a degree of assurance that is worthy of imitation.

She has shown herself to be a frank woman who is confident and relies in herself no matter what situation she finds herself in. This is something that a lot of onlookers noticed, and it made them feel bad for her.

3) In terms of her feelings, she was absolutely correct:

Angel Smith did a few things in the BBN house that got her in trouble, but one thing she was remembered for was demonstrating that she was correct in her feelings. Angel was never shy about expressing how she felt in the house. When she is insulted, she usually makes it plain to the person who has irritated her. Likewise, once she notices something that isn't solidly in the house, she gets up, and this is a quality that has earned her a lot of admiration from onlookers.

4) She did not allow herself to be neglected at home:

Angel was the youngest housemate in the BBN home, yet she didn't let her youth overwhelm her or make her feel inferior. She was generally against anything that made her vibe feel out of whack. She had a disagreement with Boma at one point, and he said some hurtful things to her. She stood up for herself and made sure she wasn't offended by Boma.

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