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Hilarious Memes To Lighten Up Your Mood

1. When you wake up from a 15 Min nap with a headache, dehydrated and wondering what year it is.

2. Watching people argue and fight over who farted and nobody suspects you

3. How I should be reacting to stress vs. how I'm actually reacting.


5. When you're watching a "get rich quick" informercial and deep down you know it's full of crap, but you also know you need a million dollars.

6. When you're about to go to sleep and you remember you have unfinished homework.

7. When you've done something stupid and you're afraid to tell your mom, who just came home from work

8. Me in active addition every night at 3AM trying to trace back the events to where everything went wrong.

9. Mom : you're 22 make your own dentist appointment


10. When the teacher ask for homework and you gotta act like your looking for it even tho you didn't do it

11. When you have a great time with present, but it was not for you

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