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Who Is Ntombi Mzolo? Does She Have a Husband and What Happened to Her Daughter

Who Is Ntombi Mzolo? Does She Have a Husband and What Happened to Her Daughter?

Ntombi Mzolo (brought into the world on December seventeenth, 1984; Age: 37 years of age) is a multi-capable vocalist, TV moderator, and entertainer who rose to unmistakable quality as an individual from the youngster music bunch, Amaponi, that caused disturbances in South Africa in the last part of the 1990s and 2000s. The Zulu local is hitched however unfortunately lost her 3-year-old girl in September 2021.

Mzolo was brought up in a diversion slanted family. Consequently, she started her stroll to fame as a youngster by framing Amaponi close by her kin. All through her diversion vocation, she has filled in as the moderator of a few TV shows, including Backyard Science, and has highlighted in a couple of films. Hitherto, she has been perceived with two SAFTA Award selections.

Ntombi Mzolo's Biography Summary

Complete name: Ntombi Ngcobo Mzolo

Epithet: Ntombi

Orientation: Female

Date of birth: December seventeenth, 1984

Ntombi Mzolo's Age: 37 years of age

Nationality: Zulu

Ethnicity: South African

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Religion: Christian

Conjugal Status: Married

Ntombi Mzolo's Husband: Sizwe Mzolo (m. 2009)

Ntombi Mzolo's Children: 3; Nomvelo Mzolo, Dunamis Mzolo, Linile Mzolo

Ntombi Mzolo's Parents: Bheki "Ihhasi Elimhlophe" Ngcobo and Linah "Midnight" Khama

Kin: Jabulani Ngcobo, Nkosinathi Ngcobo, and Vusiwe Ngcobo

Ntombi Mzolo's Net worth: $1 million

Renowned for: Amaponi, Backyard Science, and Science 4 Life have

Ntombi Mzolo's Instagram: @ntombee_1

Twitter: @Ntombee_1

Facebook: @NtombiNgcoboMzolo

How Old Is Ntombi Mzolo Now?

Ntombi Mzolo was conceived Ntombi Ngcobo on December seventeenth, 1984, in Johannesburg, South Africa, and she is at present 37 years of age. She is the little girl of amazing SA artists Bheki "Ihhashi Elimhlophe" Ngcobo and Linah "Midnight" Khama. She grew up with her three kin, to be specific Nkosinathi, Jabulani, and Vusiwe Ngcobo, in Joburg.

Ntombi is one of SA's kid wonders as her singing ability sprung her to the spotlight during her life as a youngster. As a youngster, her folks showed her the significance of difficult work and how to bear liabilities.

In that capacity, when she, close by her kin, began making an extraordinary fortune from their young life takes advantage of as the Amaponi, they started paying their school expenses and bills, which were parted among them four.

The entertainer had vivid youth encounters that were portrayed by acclaim, riches, and glamour. She actually thinks back about those brilliant encounters to date.

Meet The Ngcobo's Musical Family

Bheki and Linah Ngcobo are one of South Africa's most well known VIP couples. The two have cut a specialty for themselves in conventional Zulu music called Maskandi and hence, rank among SA's driving music craftsmen. Strangely, several has been hitched for over 40 years.

Their association is honored with four youngsters — Ntombi, Nkosinathi, Jabulani, and Vusiwe Ngcobo. The music legends prepped their youngsters to emulate their example, and here's a slip look into the Ngcobo family's music tries.

Bheka Ngcobo

Ntombi Mzolo's dad, Bheka Ngcobo, is a multi-grant winning Maskandi legend who is broadly known in South Africa as well as across the African mainland. All through his profession, which has crossed north of fifty years, he has visited across the globe with his band and acted in nations like Sri Lanka and India.

The music symbol has had live exhibitions in excess of 25 nations around the world. He is the main Maskandi craftsman to perform with a Philharmonic symphony during the Miss World Pageant. He was additionally one of the celebrated craftsmen that performed during the end function of the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa.

Bheki began his distinguished melodic vocation by taking on the stage name, Ihhashi Elimhlophe, signifying "White Horse." He explicitly made just customary Zulu music called Maskandi. He migrated from his old neighborhood of Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal, to Johannesburg in 1976 and in this way joined a band referred to as Young Brothers as a bass guitarist.

He later passed on the band to join the well known Mbaqanga bunch, the Soul Brothers, and was before long made the lead vocalist of the band's lesser gathering, Imitshotshovu. Ntombi's dad consequently turned into a soloist and promptly embraced his stage, with which he has been perceived even on global stages. He delivered his most memorable collection, 'Hlololo,' in 1986 and has since dropped in excess of 27 studio collections.

Bheki Ngcobo turned into a commonly recognized name in SA conventional Zulu music for delivering a few hit collections. He has likewise delivered numerous effective cooperative collections as an individual from conspicuous Maskandi groups like Izinqunqulu Zomhlaba and Bula Music. The praised music character has additionally worked with Boom Shaka, DJ Oskido, and Zuluboy. He was respected with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Ebalenhke, Mpumalanga, in 2007.

Linah Khama

The matron of the Ngcobo family is a pop diva who took Tshintsonga and Zulu conventional music to the powerful during the '80s. She originally came to the spotlight before her hubby and was notable for setting parties burning with her melodies. She started her performance profession in 1987 in the wake of filling in as a reinforcement singer for music bunches like Dudu and the Big Time Boys and Abangani and Stimela.

With Linah dropping a progression of hit collections, she turned into a music star and visited the African mainland under her expert name "Dark." She utilized her music to inspire and completely change people. Ntombi Mzolo's mom ultimately took to the gospel course in the wake of giving her life to Christ in 1997. A short time later, she sent off her service, Pearl Ministries, where she currently fills in as the chief minister.

While on break from making music, Ebony filled in as a performer for her better half's band. She later started functioning as the chief of the Ihhashi Elimhlophe band and her child's melodic vocation. Following quite a while of going on break, Linah was asked by her Tshitsonga fans to deliver a Tshitsonga conventional collection which she did under her family name, Linah Khama.

She was given the job of Bo Sarah in the honor winning drama, Muvhango. However not much dynamic in the music scene right now, Linah stays one of the extraordinary entertainers in SA. Along with her better half, she got a Lifetime Achievement Award in Embalenhle, Mpumalanga, in 2007.

Nathi and Jabu Ngcobo

Following quite a while of making Zulu customary music as individuals from their dad's band, Ihhashi Elimhlophe, Nkosinathi, and Jabulani Ngcobo chose to frame a music bunch, Amaponi, along with their sisters in 1998. However Amaponi is by all accounts dead right now, the siblings actually cause disturbances in the music business.

They are by and by related with their dad's band, Ihhashi Elimhlophe, as reinforcement artists and artists. Nkosinathi began performing with the band at 5 years old, while Jabu joined his dad's band when he was 8 years of age. In the last part of the '90s, the two composed a tune named 'Amasiko,' which was highlighted in Ihhashi Elimhlophe's collection, 'Phal-aphala.'

Vusiwe Ngcobo

Very much like Ntombi, Vusiwe Ngcobo is very famous in media outlets. She is a legal counselor, TV moderator, and sportscaster broadly referred to for filling in as the moderator of Yo-TV and Harambe. Vusiwe was brought into the world in Johannesburg on September 26th, 1988.

Other than taking to the middle stage as an individual from Amaponi, the 33 years of age expanded her level of notoriety by filling in as the host of the SABC Education program, Open Varsity in 2011. While in the college, she took up the job of a ring host for boxing competitions broadcasted on SABC Sport. Vusiwe Ngcobo got her Law degree from the University of Johannesburg.

She was then utilized as a competitor lawyer at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, one of SA's top firms, in 2013. After two years, she was elevated to relate in the association's question goal office. Ntombi Mzolo's more youthful sister further ascended the stepping stool in the lawful world to start taking care of money and banking legitimate undertakings in the year 2017. She as of now adjusts her work as a legal counselor and sports moderator.

Ntombi Mzolo's Claim to Fame With Amaponi

With their folks starting to lead the pack in SA's customary Zulu music scene, Ntombi Mzolo and her kin were tremendously affected to take after Bheki and Linah. Hence, they started their melodic profession as children. In 1998, the Ngcobo's children shaped their gathering known as Amaponi (child ponies), and their mom was their director.

Linah was severe in showing her youngsters the significance of adhering to their way of life and following African customs. Accordingly, it was simple for them to follow after accordingly in singing conventional music. She guaranteed that every one of her children added to Amaponi's songwriting interaction, which she imparted like house tasks to them.

Amaponi was framed in 1998 when there was nothing similar to a youngster's band in South Africa. The street wasn't too blushing toward the start, as the gathering's demos were dismissed by a few record makers who dreaded they will undoubtedly fall flat. At last, one of the record organizations checked them out, however still in uncertainty whether there was a business opportunity for small children in the country at that point.

After a short time, Ntombi Mzolo and her kin hit cosmic levels of popularity and turned out to find success at an early age. Amaponi worked multiple times harder than a typical individual to achieve such la evel. A portion of the gathering's hit melodies incorporates 'Mom,' 'Izinduku Zethu,' and 'Chiky Lai.'

They have delivered multiple collections up until this point. Despite the fact that Amaponi appears to have disbanded, they actually get appointments to date and go to shows when abandoned time.

Her TV Presenting Gigs

Other than her distinguishing strength with Amaponi, Ntombi Mzolo is renowned in SA for functioning as a moderator for notable TV and radio broadcasts. She originally got related with SABC1 as the moderator of instructive projects named Backyard Science and Science 4 Life.

Prior to digging into TV introducing legitimate, Ntombi sent off an independent mu

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