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Husband and wife relationship

Mnakwethu: Sabelo Wants To Take Another Wife, But He Does This For A Living, See Here

Now, polygamy is definitely not for everyone and it is necessary for men to know that things can go from hundred to zero very quickly when they do not know what is really required for one to be a polygamist.

There have been conversations about how important money is when one decides to take this journey and there is still emphasis on this.

If a man is not rich as he is expected to be, then maybe polygamy is not for him because it is hard to imagine how they would be able to make the union work.

Unfortunately, love is never enough and we have seen the likes of Musa Mseleku making it work simply because he can afford to give his wives the life they want.

In the latest episode, there was a lot of confusion, we were introduced to a young man called Sabelo and he plans to make his first love a second wife.

This is how the story goes, Sabelo was in a relationship with his girlfriend, Madlamini back in 2015, but they somehow lost contact without breaking up.

Three years later, they met at a garage where Sabelo was working as a petrol attendant and they got together to fix whatever issues they had and continued where they left off.

But, in those three years, both of them were obviously seeing other people and it turns out that Madlamini has a child with her ex-boyfriend and Sabelo also has a child with MaCele, who is his wife.

The problem here is that, Sabelo was not fully honest to Madlamini, she did not know that Sabelo had a wife.

Madlamini found out on the show, but she mentioned that she loves Sabelo so, she was not going to leave him, she does not mind being the second wife.

She wanted to be the first wife, but unfortunately, MaCele is now in the picture and because Madlamini loves Sabelo, she accepted the situation as it is.

As for the first wife, she refused to have Madlamini as her sister wife, she just mentioned she might agree to be in a polygamous marriage when the time is right.

MaCele gave her husband permission to keep seeing Madlamini on the side, but mentioned that Madlamini cannot be his wife, at least for now.

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