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Strange And Strict Rules Celebs Have To Follow On Award Shows

You'll be stepping on another'red carpet' if you're not an A-lister. 

We enjoy watching well-known celebrities stroll the red carpet. Will Lady Gaga dress extravagantly or dazzle in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown? After donning a gold-feathered bodice and print skirt at the 91st Academy Awards, what will Billy Porter do next? Not every "famous" has the chance to show off their outfit in front of hundreds of photographers, depending on their star status. 

According to ABC, the red carpet is divided into two lanes and is technically burgundy to "flatter" all celebrities. One lane of the carpet is for important celebrities like Cate Blanchett and George Clooney, while the other is for "ordinary people" and even celebrities who aren't "right lane" worthy.

Photogs will politely ask a star to step away from their not-so-famous date by simply saying, "Okay, can we get a fashion?" Separating A-list stars from non-a-list stars helps them get the perfect shot, and they'll even politely ask a star to step away from their not-so-famous date by simply saying, "Okay, can we get a fashion?" According to LA Times photographer Jay L. Clendenin for Vanity Fair, this is the signal for their date to move out of the way. 

It's also crucial that individuals who aren't famous stick to their red carpet lanes. In an article for 11, Sam Greenspan traveled the red carpet as a non-famous person and was yelled at by security guards to keep marching without stops, not simply by fans calling out to celebs walking in the "proper lane." 

Especially at the Oscars, celebrities must adhere to a stringent dress code.

For celebrities attending the Academy Awards, a white tie dress code is enforced. This is a far more formal dress code than a black-tie affair, with women wearing full-length gowns and men "wearing a tailcoat with a white bow tie and wingtip collar" (via Vogue). Several celebrities have defied the regulations, opting for black-tie formal, dubbed "Hollywood black tie" and approved by the Academy Awards. This means that men can wear a tie or a bow tie instead of a tailcoat. Women may have a few more alternatives in terms of the stunning gowns they choose, but if it's couture, all the better, according to Vogue.

We've seen a few celebrities defy the tight dress code guidelines and wear nearly nothing throughout the years. Cher sported a scandalous midriff-baring suit in 1974 that revealed a lot more than her toned stomach, and Edy Williams famously wore a leopard bikini under a fur coat in 1974. On the red carpet, a few dubious looks stood out, such as when Bjork arrived at the 2001 Oscars wearing a fake swan draped around her neck, and when South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker spoof Jennifer Lopez's famous green Grammy's gown and Gwyneth Paltrow's pink Oscar gown at the 2000 Oscars. 

Fortunately, the stars who chose to defy the laws were spared. 

Stars are asked to make sustainable choices when it comes to their attire

At award events, the subject of sustainability has become a hot topic. Many shows, including the SAG Awards, BAFTAs, and even the Oscars, have asked attendees to make sustainable choices (there is a sustainable fashion guide) before purchasing something new, such as re-wearing a tuxedo from a previous engagement, renting from a designer, or choosing a vintage dress, in order to reduce waste. 

Jennifer Aniston wore a vintage Dior spring/summer 1999 white satin dress to the 2020 SAG Awards, while actor Joaquin Phoenix wore the same Stella McCartney tuxedo at the Golden Globes, Critics' Choice Awards, SAG Awards, BAFTAs, and Oscars. Guests at the BAFTAs were invited to either re-wear an old gown or show off their creative side by utilizing leftover fabric to construct something new, according to the Independent, in order to assist achieve "a carbon-neutral awards ceremony."

According to Elle, Lady Bird actress Saoirse Ronan nailed this idea by wearing a Gucci gown with a bodice made from leftover fabric from her Oscars gown at the BAFTAs in 2020. Kim Kardashian West wore "a deconstructed Alexander McQueen gown from his SS04 'Shipwrecked' collection for the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party," according to Vanity Fair. Penelope Cruz, meanwhile, made 90s fashion popular again by wearing a classic Chanel gown from the SS95 Couture show. 

Celebrities don't get much time off

Commercial breaks are never as long as they appear, which is one of the least glamorous aspects of attending an award presentation. When you need to use the restroom, you have to dash through other celebrities and non-celebrities, only to discover that there is a big wait ahead of you. Worse, you've gone over your 15-minute break and are unable to return to your seat since the cameras have began to roll. According to E!, celebrities who arrive late to their seats are subject to strict rules. As you wait behind closed doors for the next commercial break, a seat-filler will gladly sit in your comfortable chair to take your place.

Producers are also "notoriously heavy-handed," according to E!, in not allowing people to return to their seats once break time is over. When cameras scan the room of superstars, producers don't want viewers to see several vacant seats, therefore they are quite particular about arriving on time and ensuring sure seat-fillers are performing their job. 

At the 2014 Brit Awards, Harry Styles had an incredible moment when nature called and he answered, only to discover that his former band One Direction had received the Global Success Award at the same time. Styles followed the four other men onto the platform, but he ultimately joined them, apologizing for "having to wee." This is one of the main reasons why producers are so stringent about taking breaks.

Celebs sneak in food even when it is forbidden at award shows

According to Vox, an award presentation can run up to four hours, and a star can feel quite hungry during that time. A celebrity may endure hunger pains from the time they arrive at the show, stand on the red carpet taking photos and giving interviews, and then sit in their seats for what seems like an eternity.

Unlike the Golden Globe Awards, when actors are provided dinner options, dessert, and beverages are always flowing (7,500 glasses of champagne are consumed each year), the Oscars are a little different, according to The Hollywood Reporter. While the award show isn't fully "dry," the bar is located outside the auditorium, according to Bustle, and it could be intimidating to trek back and forth, climbing over a slew of superstars to get there. According to Chowhound, award shows like the Oscars have long been a free-food affair, resulting in very hungry celebrities.

Stars are not allowed to bring in their own food, but occasionally celebrities defy the rules, such as 10-year-old actress Julia Butters, who secreted energy bars in her date's pockets or a turkey sandwich in her purse at the 2020 Oscars. Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted the 2014 Academy Awards, mocked the no-food ban by having pizza brought to the ceremony. 

The Grammys do not allow lip-syncing. 

Several singers have been accused of lip-syncing during concerts, including megastars Mariah Carey and Beyonce, who have been caught miming lyrics rather than utilizing their own vocals. Several celebrities, however, have stated that they had to do so due to illness or "technical restrictions," according to Insider. However, if a celebrity wants to perform at the Grammys, they must perform live.

Lip-syncing has been prohibited at the Grammys since 2012, following one of the most notorious lip-syncing scandals of all time: Milli Vanilli's disastrous MTV performance in 1989. Even their Grammy Award for Best New Artist was returned by the R&B trio. Michael Abbott, the award show's veteran audio coordinator, said that "certain performances are so demanding in terms of sound design that there has to be some of what we call track augmentation," or some playback during a performance (via TV Technology).

This could have been the case for Cardi B when she ascended the stage at the 2019 Grammy Awards and broke some lip-syncing rules. While the actress's performance was flawless, many fans believed the rapper lip-synced her song "Money." People accused rapper Lil Nas X of lip-syncing his hit "Old Town Road" as he took the stage with BTS at the second half of the song at the 2020 Grammys.


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