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They Laughed At Him For Wearing Cheap Clothes: But He Showed Them His "BANK ACCOUNT" instead.

A young man was laughed at for wearing cheap clothes but he showed off his bank account instead!

Being laughed at is the most discouraging thing a person can experience. In life---We all had those moments whereby some people laughed at our struggles, especially when we were at our lowest.

Meet this young man who was being laughed at just because he wore cheap clothes. He posted a picture of himself, and people started throwing shades at him. Some people are using social media to discourage and bully others. We all know that, socila Media is just a platform where people can just pretend to be whoever they want to be, apart from actually reality.

This young man decided to show them his bank account balance and they were shocked.

Some people assume that if you have a huge following on social media and lot's of likes on your profiles you are actually living the good life. They tend to think that those people who get so many likes and followings it's because they have a lot of money. Forgetting that some of them take pictures in someone else's car, crib or borrow their clothes just to appear looking like they're rich, where's on the other hand is quite the contrary. The truth is most of this people actually suffer but they hide through social media posting fake lives and all.

On so twitter there was an old lady who was humiliated after she tried to make fun of a younger guy for wearing a DH t-shirt. She said to this guy, "he is too poor and therefore he won't be able to afford her". Those words are more than capable of destroying someone else's self-esteem for good.

One of the most common reasons for someone to stomp on your vision is jealousy. They want what you have, and it kills them to think of your having more. They may be jealous of your job, jealous of your values, jealous of your work ethic, jealous of your appearance, jealous of how happy you seem … jealous of whatever. Even if you have been pretty down on yourself and can’t think of anything that they would be jealous of, trust me—there is plenty

That guy decided post his bank account which had over 2 million rands and a lot of people were therefore left speechless. They made fun of the lady as she had been publicly humiliated. Serves her right.. Never judge a book by its cover.

What a great lesson. A perfect demonstration to never underestimate someone simply because of their age or how they dress or look, it does not define who they really are or how much they own.

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