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So years ago I left Soweto to Polokwane to meet my then “ Love of my life “

I remember we had gotten a tender to clean chairs and floors at Edcon ( long ago at Selby ) Few days later , we get our money and suddenly I have like R18 000 ( This was so much money that time )

I wake up the following day I go to jozi to buy fashion, Money was not a problem. I get to this shop , I think Total sport or Skipa bar, there is that Puma I have always wanted.

Then this guys comes to me and say he can give it to me, R750 Less ( I think my problems started here ) Anyway we went outside and he really has the Puma, box , slips , everything !!! Even said we can get you more if you want.

I get few Jeans ( Levis 501 was it! ) T-Man also and DH , Look I got the best , home I go. Called baby and let her know “ Tomorrow am there babe , nothing can stop me now “ plus new clothes confidence.

Went to sleep chatting with baby, in the morning here I go to Polokwane ( Taxi ) we chatting all the way , it’s nice. I get to Polokwane , I remember standing next to some Disko shop ( Music store ) smaller bag but am looking fly and got money.

Baby calls “ Love I can see you I’m on the other side of the road ( There is a mall where she was now not then ) Okay I see two ladies there, but None of them can be my “ baby “ nah maybe she is teasing – isn’t love like that. The closer she gets , the more I realize that’s her.

Baby is over the moon , there is happiness on her face. I remember thinking “ Maybe its her twin “ we played and joked too much over the years we have known each other By the way this is the 1st visit.

Hug and now am thinking, Okay we go , my mind is all over the place , angry and confused. Also I must mention , She had the most beautiful pregnancy glow, she is looking real fresh.

Baby says she is hungry, okay we get to “ Fishaways “ its next to Chicken Licken – Guys we got enough food for a week, But was for just the day and night. After everything was bought , I had made up my mind “ I love baby man , she must explain then will see ?

I need a drink , follow me while at it – Anyone? Fast forward we are home now I want explanation from baby. So according to “ Baby “ she didn’t cheat on me, Me and her we are cheating to her baby daddy – Makes sense?

Now how do we go about because a lot has been invested in this relationship. Your boy decided to stay , 3 Weeks and the best, until. I have used all my money, I had like 14 000 which had been exhausted.

I called my Uncle who stayed in Bochum , Came to fetch me. In Bochum there was only Virgins those days I am telling you, I stayed 3 Months there, even forgot about Jozi.


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