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"Learn from BBMzansi" viewers want BBNaija to take some lessons from South Africa

Big Briyher Mzansi returned this year after a hiatus of around 7 years. The return brought without, excitement and new people who would later become famous. This is how it works on Big Brother. The concept is to be remain likable while living with 20+ other strangers.

It is a monumental task but there was one user with a specific request.

Big Brother Mzansi had one of the most unpredictable winner of the history of the show. When MphoWaBadimo was chosen as the winner over two men who had been jailed as the top two, it was the biggest show in the history of the show. Themba Broly whose fans had been responsible for making him trend and intimidating other fanbases, lost him the win in the end.

This is why one user took to Twitter to express their desire for a winner to not be picked on stage. They wrote, " Lastly #BBNaija fans please learn from #BBMzansi. 


Watch with an open mind and allow people grow on you. 


I think this is sound advice. Oftentimes on BBNaija, the winner is someone extremely boring with o sense of personality. They quickly fade. Mpho is vibrant and wasnt necessarily the viewer favourite but people allowed her to grow on them. It what lead to the win.

Social Media Response

One viewer responded, "The culture has been already created and it sucks. #BBNaijaS7"

Whike another user wrote, "No lies! Even the #BBNaija brands are boring cause they choose task winners according to social media popularity 😒"

It's clear that there seems to be an anti-woman agenda on Big Brother Naija. Only one woman has won in 6 seasons and that can't be due to a lack of good candidates. Of course the criteria should, in general, be the most interesting person should take it, who knows what will happen this season?

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