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Generations stars Angela and Jonathan are married and have a child in real life-

Some pop stars were re-born, when a completely new set of songstress played new covers of their old hits. Also among them were the actress Lebohang Mthunzi, who was playing the character Angela Mogale.

Identified as Angela Mogale, this lady was first known as the daughter of Tau Mogale, a pale-skinned and young guy who was looking for his father's love and tried to make a reputation for himself in the ad business.

We brought back actor JT Medupe, who played the character Jonathan Motene, who replaced the original Jonathan Mothupi, and we also recruited Lebohang Mthunzi to play the role of that brother, who shockingly, did not just become the brother, and who TWO YEARS later, was also married to him off-screen.

Lebogan is not only an actress, but she can even work as an actor and one behind the scenes. She has a degree in Dramatic Arts.

JT Colenso is a dramatist who holds a National Dramatic Diploma from Tshwane University of Technology, before " Generations: The Legacy" in a variety of TV Shows: "Sokhulu" and Partners from "cable 1" and "Mzansi Magic" drama series, such as "Rockville's"

He has performed in a variety of stage plays throughout the years, as well as been an actor, artist, and television host.

As for the birth of their baby, the pair accepted it in 2018, but did not date.

Though they understood one another well, they were mistaken to be lovers. Fans were often able to see them together because of the acting abilities they possessed.

Then the bubble, then! As Mr. Jt Medupe was sharing his snaps together on Instagram, he was calling out his fiancée, Miss Leboha Mthunzi in the caption "You're d better than this girl Leboha, you are very good and attractive girl, you are a good wife and we will be so happy in life".

Lebohang posted a touching Instagram message, which reads "Jt Mdupe, I hope one day I can say thanks in person, this poem is for you, please forgive me okay bo..."

"Thank you so much for being you and for making me be me, Mr. Crapshots." Thank you for letting me realize while I am with you as I can sound how I am feeling. Thank you for not telling me to wear reflective goggles or to wear them on my front. Thanks for being so special about how you articulate my times and moods, and for being so kind in listening to my unhappy and unwelcome concerns, and for radiating the love and enjoyment.

In reference to his latest therapy, James Medupe said the following:

To you, yourself, and your grace, I would like to convey my most heartfelt appreciation. When you are in our environment, thank you for creating a happy universe, just because you're in it. Thank you for making the colors a little brighter, for being able to preserve the sun a little warmer, and for being able to stick together a little longer. It is so sweet of you to worry more furiously than anybody I meet. You're going to improve the future (or the earth)!

If I had one hint, that's what I might have done.

JT Medupe once told us that things are going great with his new partner, "She has full support from me, has been very good to me, and beautiful to look at." We wish him all the best and good things in his life.

'Kganya' is the name of their boy, who they conciously choose and intend on being interested in the raising of.

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