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Divorce Affair

JubJub In The Spotlight, See What He Was Accused Of Last Night

The Jub Jub story we were told last night appears to go on indefinitely, and what we thought we understood about it may be very different from the truth.

It's true that there have been allegations made; yet, regardless of the impetus, people will continue to take notice and offer their opinions on the matter.

Musa Khawula, a divisive social media rumor monger, first uploaded the two photos of Jub Jub and his white lover.

Unfortunately for Jub Jub, Musa's tweets tend to go viral because of the high volume of attention they receive.

Some people were offended by the photos, while others were curious about the couple and had been commenting for hours.

This morning, a woman stunned many when she revealed that there are rumors that Jub Jub is cheating on his fiancée, Tumi Mthembu.

Seemingly, there are two women in the picture: the girlfriend and the fiancée; however, there must be more to the story than that. If Jub Jub was in fact cheating, this would certainly be the biggest news item.

There have been rumors that the media figure is cash-strapped and dependent on his fiancee, but no proof of this has surfaced as of yet.

Some people defended Jub Jub, saying that there's no way that this is true and explaining why today's events made sense.

As you may know, Uyajola 9/9 returns to our televisions tonight, therefore this could be the reason why there are so many accusations.

When Jub Jub returns to television, why is he also accused of infidelity on the same day? Perhaps this is an effort to tarnish his name even further.

It's to be expected that not everyone would be pleased by Jub Jub's recovery.

All these responses to Jub Jub's girlfriend are to be expected, given that for many people she is making her public debut.

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