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'I slay and do this as well' says Sangoma. Check here


Sangoma Fortunate Machaba says her predecessors are not annoyed that she seems as though a kill sovereign. Photograph by Aaron Dube. 

At the point when she chose to answer her calling, she addressed her predecessors about looking wonderful and hot. 

Her predecessors permitted her to kill despite the fact that she's a sangoma. 


Blessed Machaba is sure to kill with her bones. 

"Amadlozi are understanding, as long as you make prepared brew and utilize snuff when you converse with them." 


The 25-year-old from Mamelodi augmentation 4, east of Tshwane, disclosed to Daily Sun she generally dresses to slaughter, wears weaves and make-up and does her nails. 

"That doesn't mean I'm resisting my progenitors or not tuning in to them. They revealed to me they were not annoyed, as long as I regarded my calling," she said. 

"Amadlozi are exceptionally understanding, as long as you make fermented lager and utilize snuff when you converse with them." 

Blessed Machaba killing with her looks. 

Blessed said she used to experience the ill effects of cerebral pains before she prepared as a sangoma when she was 22. 

"I used to likewise get genuinely and profoundly wiped out," she said. 

"I went to prophets and customary healers, who revealed to me I should answer my calling to dispose of the migraines. 

"I got mended after I completed my preparation." 

She said despite the fact that she never needed to be a sangoma, she will not get hitched to somebody who didn't have confidence in custom. 

"I'm glad to be a sangoma yet don't trust I need to get hitched to a sangoma," she said. 

"I need somebody who'll comprehend and associate with me. 

"I regard my profound life more than my own one." 

She was an individual from the Apostolic church and still goes to administrations. 

"There's some segregation by holy places against izangoma, however individuals ought to comprehend that we likewise ask," said Fortunate. 

She additionally possesses an online distribution, Mamelodi Happenings. 

Her gogo, Chongo Mamogobo (64), said they were stressed over her condition when she was more youthful. 

"I'm glad she knows reality and will uphold the family," she said.

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