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Meiki Recognised Bra Sikes That's Why She Got Confused In Court

Meikie contends in courts 


Meikie contends not accountable in court for endeavoring to kill MaNtuli and Kwaito, she displayed in court of friday with her youngster Leeto and her soul mate John Maputla. 

Meikie Maputla is sure not getting back to jail paying little mind to the sum Bra Sikes endeavors to associate with her. Bra Sikes has given her an essential arrangement and she isn't ready to take this is in light of the fact that she understands it will end in tears. 

Meikie Maputla has referenced to be tended to by the most expensive lawyer considering the way that Bopape isn't making a certifiable appearance in light of everything. 

Meikie can see that her days are numbered and she is absolutely sure not have any desire to give Bra Sikes any satisfaction paying little heed to the sum he undermines her. 

Watchers are needing to see how strong Meikie Maputla is as a womenand they needn't bother with her to be back in jailto complete her discipline.

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