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Her egg business is doing well.

Zodwa Wabantu grew up in kasi and a mother of one she, she likes to tell hers stories of how difficult life was when she was growing up, the things she had to do to in the streets. 

She is true definition of hustle she started with being future on music videos to owing her own house and business, Zodwa is also in to politics, she recently joined a political party. 

She has also started a business of selling eggs by the look of things it is doing well, the support that she get from other celebrities like Dineo Ranaka and her fans is amazing. 


Zodwa was sported with a client who bought eggs, and he thanked him with a kiss to show her appreciation, although some people were asking themselves if she kisses all her clients.

But we all know Zodwa doesn't owe anyone any explanation, and she does things her own way, we hope that her business will grow and do well. 

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