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Thoughts on Mandisi Dyantyi's Molo Sisi

It’s the lure of the double bass that holds you before the trumpet blows you away, simply magic where sound stubbornly demand your full attention. Usually with jazz I gyrate or swing to the prowess of how an artist commands sound’s arrangements, others go deeper in search of the philosophical meaning of every note in a song or set. This piece Molo Sisi by Mandisi Dyantyi cements his undeniable talent and love for sound, particularly jazz’s sound.

I will be dishonest if I profess to be a connoisseur of jazz other than an occasional lover of the genre, an indictment on my part. This fellow from Port Elizabeth epitomizes sound, word and power very few could execute with sincerity and diligence; we are on the cusp of something words can’t capture. Fela Kuti, Hugh Masekela, Jonas Gwangwa,Nina Simone, Zim Nqawana, Sello Galane, and Oliver Mtukudzi; these are some of notable authorities who dabbles in sound and word without breaking a sweat. This is my maiden written text on a song, something I have delayed for the longest time I can remember because I have always felt my relationship with sound was not focused and clearly defined. I think Mandisi has really pulled me out of my comfort zone by intent or not, look at me now immersed in his love letter.

This is a simple song of a man courting a woman; I presume all of this is taking place on the street somewhere in the township. The township with all of its contradictions sometimes demonstrates the strength and beauty of love in an incredible way.

  This love letter represents many of us who have loved but never had the words or the iota to say it; perhaps through actions. It embodies aspirations of a lover, who finally mastered the strength to confess his love and beautiful future he sees of them together.

 The only thing I wish for in this piece is to hear “her” respond to the suitor in the song. I think Mandisi Dyantyi writes from the heart, pour himself out at the same time drags us to do the same but are we ready? I mean he had to let her pass first time before he approached her and confessed his undying love.

This song echoes through ages. I hope she gives him a listen.

A great song.

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