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Check What Happened To B.O.B (The Nothing On You Rapper)

Most rappers in the late 2000s have "Nothin' On" B.o.B.! According to Billboard, the Atlanta-based rapper was just 17 years old and lived with his mother when he was signed to his first major label. While he began releasing mixtapes shortly afterwards, it was his 2010 album, B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, that altered everything.

The album had three Billboard Top 10 successes, including the enormous "Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams)" and "Magic (ft. River Cuomo)," which seamlessly blended rap, pop, and rock influences over candy-coated hooks (much like his Atlanta-based forebears OutKast). One Atlantic Records executive told Billboard, "It was a watershed album for its time." True, B.o.B. rocketed to the top of the charts.

To his credit, the rapper was clearly skilled at selecting singers for his tracks. Bruno Mars, of course, sang over "Nothin' on You," but that's not all. He featured an early Janelle Monáe, as well as Taylor Swift on his follow-up album. In 2010, B.o.B was nominated for five Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year, which he won. To put it another way, he went from living at his mother's house to becoming a household name! 

Unfortunately, B.o.B had all but vanished from the public eye just a few years later. He stopped producing hits, and things quickly deteriorated from bad to worse to bizarre. So, where did the once-promising rapper go wrong?His case is definitely a strange one! Here's why you don't hear from B.o.B anymore.

B.o.B became a flat-earth conspiracy theorist

So, why did B.o.B appear to vanish off the face of the planet? It's ironic that we should bring up the word "earth." Though he couldn't replicate the popularity of his smash record (according to XXL, his label dropped him around 2013), he solidified his has-been status when he took to Twitter in January 2016 to declare that the planet is flat. 

According to CNN, the rapper notably tweeted about the flat-earther conspiracy theory, which claims that the planet is not round, but flat. 

According to the source, he commented, "No matter how high in elevation you are... the horizon is always eye level... sorry cadets... I didn't want to believe it either." 

Oh, my goodness.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson couldn't resist but dump on the struggling performer shortly after. "Duude – to be clear: Just because your rationale is five centuries old doesn't mean we can't all enjoy your music," the expert tweeted. B.o.B went even farther, writing "Flatline," a diss track including an audio of Tyson addressing the world. Though you have to give the rapper credit for writing a diss track directed at a scientist, it didn't improve matters. Bill Nye has also laughed him off since then.

B.o.B. recently told Billboard that he laments the time when the "questioning grew to assertiveness." In May 2020, he commented, "It definitely becomes exhausting with people," referring to "people giving you philosophy articles." What goes around comes around...

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