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Lasizwe admitted in a mental institution and admit he was not fine for the past months.

The South African YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza who is also known as Khanyi Mbau's half-brother got admitted in a mental hospital. He willingly shared the news on Instagram before the media can report it which I believe it was a wise move. Lasiswe is also bold to talk about something like this because a lot people are still Judgemental towards mental issues related. 

He took a video of the beds, toilet and basin, we can actually say the room where he was given and captioned " one thing about me I am not shy to express how I feel. I have checked myself into a mental health wellness facility. I haven't been okay for the past months. I have been so depressed. I have decided to fight this by taking a break and dealing with this one on one." 

I salute him for taking the steps before whatever the issue that landed her there could break him. People wait to be taken to such institutions by their Loved ones but it's different with Lasizwe. 

I hope people learn from Lasizwe's situation that it is okay to go and get the help when you feel depressed.

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