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Graphic Content|| Krugersdorp Gang-Raped Young Girl Finally Speaks For The Very First Time (See)

Here in this dusty, almost forgotten place in the west of JHB, a spine chilling, nerve wracking event would occur. For one of the victims, the scares of that fateful and tragic day is still hauntingly fresh. A video shoot became a literal mine field, a nightmare of epic proportions. The usual shouts of producers and directors, unceremoniously replaced by ringing gun shots.

For the first time, one of the victims has spoken about the more than 10 hour ordeal that they faced on the day; "As a director was about to say action, then we see 3 guys coming from far approaching us. As they where coming, they started shooting in the air, now we don't know what to do, what happening. We looked around, I looked around and everyone was running. If I am running to the other direction, now it no longer 3, there is this 3 and on my left there is like 15 guys. I ran to the other side, there were maybe 12 more. It was obvious we where surrounded. Everyone of them was armed. They instructed us to lay on the floor, keep our head down or they will kill us."

After being stripped and robbed. The victim says she thought it was the end of their ordeal, but the reality, it was just the beginning.

"The sun was still out, and it was now getting darker, this nightmare was not ending. We cried, and it was not stopping. We even prayed. They started taking girls, one by one. There is ditches there and they take 1 girl and put her on the other ditch and they rape her multiple counts. They didn't care, multiple of them, they just didn't care."

After a staggering 10 hours, it was finally over and they were told to return to their cars. On the road they flagged a passing police vehicle, and the nature of the incident and the viral headlines spread police to action. Not long after more than 80 people were napped.

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