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Will Zodwa experience happily ever after with her choice?[Opinion] Gomora


It’s is ironic how Zodwa forgave and forgotten about how Don really is.She knows that Don will never change and he has proven this many times.The character of Don on the telenovela Gomora has portrayed that he only believes in fast money and he is the Don of Gomora.He loves his children and that can not be taken away from him.However Don doesn’t believe in doing things legally.

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On the other hand the character of Zodwa on the telenovela has portrayed someone who is indecisive, and has been angry towards Don for leaving her.This shows that she wasn’t over the feelings she has for Don.They say the heart wants what it wants.Love is blind and it has really blinded Zodwa she believes that Don will change for her sake.Zodwa might be dreaming of them being power couple with Don but how long will their union last?See the link below

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Does this mean that Zodwa was with Bongani as a safer option that was available at the moment before Don arrived?What will happen to her when she finds out that Don has played her?Will she not go back to drinking?How long will their newly found happiness last?Sibongile who was against them being a couple is now happy for them, while Teddy who dreamt of this is the only one who isn’t happy about this?Should Teddy awaken her mother from her slumber?Will she be able to listen to anyone?

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The writers of the telenovela are showing how people can be toxic for each other and yet find themselves together.In this case Don played his dirty tricks to have what he wanted.Does this mean she doesn’t love Zodwa?but loves the fact that he overpowered Bongani?Characters like Don never change as they have given up on the systems of this world and created their own system.Who will be with Zodwa when Don reveals his true colours for the 3rd time.

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