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It Is A Sad news For Sophie Lichaba. [See Why]

Keeping up the big name way of life is anything but an overnight thing, it takes a savvy man or lady to do the wizardry. Indeed, the showzbiz doesn't pay much by any means, look poor people Ndaba is currently suffocating in obligations and everybody has in a real sense gave her circumstance a visually impaired eye. 

Things haven't been working out in a good way for Mzansi's notable star, Sophie Lichaba, who's been managing disease lately – and now she has her vehicle resting. Papers from the High Court propose that the previous Generations entertainer's bank requested the court to reset one from its vehicles, the Hyundai Mighty Workhorse. 

However, everybody can concur that it's crown which had a third hand in her prosperity. I mean organizations needed to closure and it is realized that the sovereign has her own providing food organization. 

Sophie had purchased a vehicle for her organization, Sophla Trading (PTY) Ltd. But since of some cash that the bank owed to its leasers, it documented papers at the High Court requesting to be repaid by keeping one of its vehicles.

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