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10+Photos: The Face Is Hidden, Guess The Name Of The Actor

First Picture

Some people are very good at identifying people in such a way that they can recognize a person even if the face is hidden. Who knows, maybe you are one of those people and there's only one way to find out, try to guess who the following person is. 

Before I start sharing the photos, let me give you a few hints first. This gentleman has appeared on television shows such as:

1. A Place Called Home

2. eKasi: Our Stories (End Game)

3. Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema

4. Generations: The Legacy

5. inumber Number and many more. 

Does the TV shows mentioned above ring a bell? This one seems very easy to me. If this was a competition, I would definitely win it. Without waisting more of your time, let me show you some pictures of the mystery man. 

Photo number 2

Photo number 3 

Photo number 4

Photo number 5

Photo number 6

He made his mark in the South African filming industry with his well played role on the 90s SABC1 drama called Yizo Yizo. It did not stop there as the actor played another amazing role on A Place Called Home.

He has not yet retired, this famous actor still appears on your TV screens on weekdays. I hope I haven't given out too much information about him. Here are some more of his pictures. 

Picture number 7

Picture number 8

Picture number 9

Picture number 10

This one is a bonus:

Were you able to see who this actor is? If your answer is yes, please leave his name on the comments box below. 

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A Place Called Home Gangster 's Paradise


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