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Melusi finds out Gladys is the one started the to read more

Melusi now knows the truth.

Melusi Dlamini is the husband of Gladys. And they have been through a rough patch lately about Melusi's love affair he has been having wih Nthati.

Melusi has found out that his wife is the one who started the dire which ended his son's life Langa. Melusi could not believe if he is hearing correctly bit many viewera think that Gladys could be dreaming.

Do you think Gladys is dreaming?

We definitely know if she is not dreaming her marriage is over and this will be the perfect timing for Melusi to fix things with Nthati and live happily ever after.

Gladys was talking to her unborn baby telling her that she killed Langa and Melusi walked in on her while she was talking to her unborn baby. Gladys didn't notice that Melusi is standing right there and listening to her.

Gladys was finding it hard to keep the secret from her husband.


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