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|See Pictures Of One Of The Most Flexible Women In The World

uslana Krutas (21) of Kremenchug, Ukraine, has been training in gymnastics and working on her flexibility since she was three years old.Ruslana began performing in circuses when she was 12 years old, and she now regularly appears on stage.

Says Ruslana, “My mother took me to gymnastics when I was three years old since I did not know how to move normally at all..."

“At the age of six I went to a circus studio and I liked it much more." She added

According to, she began practicing contortion at the age of six. Ruslana began to improve her flexibility while studying with Nikolai Ponurko at the Palace Culture in Kremenchuk.

Ruslana entered Kremenchuk's Got Talent in 2012 and captivated the hearts of the judges and crowd, allowing her to win the competition. Ruslana also held the Guinness World Record for the most balloons burst with the back in one minute.

“Now I train every day for three to four hours and when I have a break for a week the body really asks to warm up and train. I can crawl into narrow places, or when my hands are full and I need to turn off the light I can turn it off with my foot. It always shocks everyone. Many people think that this is some kind of disease or I have no bones. All this is just training and very mobile joints.”

Source : News24

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