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Uzalo:Is Hleziphe going to take Kwanda again see what is going to happen to Nonka.

In the end Nonka will find reality concerning Kwanda and display that it is significant Kwanda is selling drugs, and Kwanda will be especially bothered and clutch Hleziphe in light of the fact that she is the person who made Nonka cautious that he is selling drugs.

So Nonka will correspondingly attempt to keep on saving Hleziphe since she would have rather not trusted in her, yet she will also fall into the catch since she will try to say one final farewell to Kwanda, so Kwanda will catch the two of them, luckily Njeza will advance toward come and salvage them in any case he will save Nonka not Hleziphe.

Kwanda will torment Hleziphe as a result of his medications, he will fault Hleziphe for everything, survey Kwanda business was getting along remarkably, however Njeza will return descending the line for Hleziphe and save her.

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