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Natasha Thahane: I have dating phobia

Actress and media personality has revealed to us that she has an unlikely phobia that has been following her all her life.

In a recent interview on BET Africa with Moonchild Sanelly on The Madness Method, Natasha revealed that she avoided dating because she was genuinely scared of men. “My mom had me when she was 19 so she had to like finish school and my grandmother was always there to guide me, cause I am a girl child, I mean if you already have a girl child who has a kid at 19, now you’re already trying to protect this girl child as well because you don’t want them to repeat. So, they literally tried to shield me and protect me and support me,” said Natasha.

Whilst it might sound like Natasha is joking about her upbringing, the fear of men is a real thing and even has an official word for it; it is called androphobia!

Androphobia can affect various women (and men) starting from childhood and going into adulthood. It can be triggered by things such as a traumatic experience suffered in the hands of a man. However, with careful treatment and coping strategies, the phobia is able to subside over time.

Natasha Thahane, who will be appearing on Netflix’s second season of Blood and Water, said although her family and grandmother tried to protect her from the world, their method made her so scared of men that she hardly flirts with them. “I hardly shoot my shot hey…I flirt, but I don’t entertain the flirts, like I’ve always been scared of men, I never dated in high school, I was scared of boys and cause of my mom having me at a young age as well I was always scared because they always made it seem like ‘oh my gosh’ they’re going to mess up your life,” she revealed.

Recently, Natasha has been enjoying spending time with Orlando Pirates soccer player Thembinkosi Lorch. They have been spotted at the same locations and although they initially denied rumours of being in a relationship, they have not shied away from posting each other on social media.

Whilst Lorch took to Instagram to post a picture of Natasha, accompanied by a caption that says “Beke le beke” (week in week out) and a heart emoji, she posted a video of herself and Lorch tubing with Jhene Aiko’s “While We’re Young” playing.

Well we’re glad the fear of men has slowly decreased for Natasha.

Have you also had to deal with the fear of men (or women)? How did you overcome it? Please drop a comment below.

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