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Cooper Pabi: I’m in hospital fighting for my life because of the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry is an industry that is not very kind to one’s health as many of those within this industry have said so, this includes the likes of Natasha Thahane who was hospitalised in 2021 because of overworking with no rest nor some time off to reset which then resulted in her being hospitalised for suffering from fatigue, headache and certain imbalances in the human body. 

It has been three weeks since the University of Johannesburg sport management student, Amapiano female star, award-winning best newcomer, footballer, MC and dancer, Cooper Pabi, has been hospitalised. The “Isphithiphithi and Banyana ke Bafana” hitmaker has shared previously shared videos and pictures of herself in a hospital bed, loved ones visiting her and flowers and get well soon cards making it to her.

Everyone has been wondering what the problem was because she seemed to be in perfect health and doing very well. This really astounded a lot of people because she has shared before that she does not remember being in a hospital bed before as she is not someone who easily gets sick. Cooper Pabi shared it on her Instagram story that perhaps the last time she was in hospital was when her mom was giving birth to her.

In a recent video she shared on Instagram, she revealed why she has been hospitalised and therefore could not host events as promised. The female Amapiano star shared that when her career as the star she is today started, she has been excited about building a relationship with her supporters through music and so this had her hosting shows now and again and delivering content without resetting and having time for herself; her health basically. 

This has really affected the Amapiano star because as she continued to force herself to deliver what the people expected from her, her body was not having it and therefore relenting. Cooper Pabi continued to force herself without realising that her body was crumbling to its worst condition and suffering severe pains of which she could not resist but definitely had to pay attention to. Cooper Pabi suffered from fatigue which gave her no choice but forced her to lay in a hospital bed.

Her intention of sharing the above personal information is to show how grateful she is to God for comforting her, strengthening her even when she felt like she is losing it all and might perhaps not be able to do what she loves again. She also is sending awareness to the rest of her other colleagues in the entertainment industry that as much as they love and enjoy what they are doing, they should not forget to take good care of themselves.


Our media personalities should known and understand that it is actually okay to take a break from working in their professions but to just work on themselves, getting their mental health, emotional and physical health checked. This will reduce the high rate of suicide found in the entertainment industry. Overworking yourself, pushing so hard even when your body is notifying you to stop a bit leads to being overwhelmed and then depression. IT IS OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK.

These are some of the lovely messages she received from fans and friends:


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