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Reason Thanks Zodwa wa Bantu

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Reason as of late took to IG to open up about a groundbreaking experience with socialite Zodwa wa Bantu. This comes after a couple of individuals in his circle came to him and educated him to be cautious concerning how he moves. 

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The rapper uncovered that he caught Zodwa wa Bantu at a gathering and that is the place where he got this incredible guidance. 

"Yet anyway I find Zodwa wa Bantu at DBN Gogo's gathering. You know, she shows up, she chilled. I did a few snaps, ridiculed her, she ridiculed me and we giggled. And afterward we celebrated and some place along the lines Zodwa goes to me and she resembles 'you know I'm truly glad for you.' And I'm similar to what do you mean, she resembles 'I'm truly glad that you are doing you." Said the performer. 

"The one day you have light hair; the following day you have pink hair now you are here with the Amapiano bruv's next thing you are with Tira. You are simply carrying on with your life and you are glad. I'm glad to see you doing you. She proceeds to say she's constantly known me this genuine individual, this cautious fellow and now I'm simply doing me, and she said you ought to be thankful in light of the fact that individuals out there aren't doing them." 

Zodwa disclosed to him why a many individuals are upset for him. "Most importantly, they are disturbed. A many individuals are unsettled right now in light of the fact that there's a ton that is going on. She was featuring that to say in this present reality where individuals are despondent you appear to be. Furthermore, appears as though this is on the grounds that you are simply doing you. Those individuals probably won't be glad since they are not doing them," he proceeded. 

Individuals will talk when you do you. Some will have negative remarks since you are not acting the way you that they figure you ought to act. You are not moving the way that they need you to move. So a many individuals will censure, a many individuals will have assessments, a many individuals will need to poke fun at it. However, by the day's end, you are here, you are alive and you are making some acceptable memories and you are glad. 

Prior to finishing off his video, he had a couple of words for the individuals who talk despite his good faith. "It hit home since she is correct. Whoever it was that was discussing me was really discussing me doing me. Also, there's no way around that. 

"I have a ton of low minutes, unquestionably, I'm an individual. I have a ton of terrible circumstances that find myself mixed up with that I need to get myself out of thus does each human, But, I'm doing me and she was correct. I'm glad doing me." 

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