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6 Top celebrities who are proudly Bisexual (Do both genders).

Bi is merely one of the many gender identities that belong under the LGBTQ+ category; there are also some extremely hip, opinionated, and self-assured celebrities who identify as bi. So what does being bi mean?

Being bi means you have feelings for persons who identify as two or more genders, such as cis and trans men and women, genderqueer and non-bi individuals. Check out these famous people who either identify as bisexual or who have discussed the sexuality spectrum and where they fit within it.

Megan Fox

According to Megan, she could "see myself with a female," she told GQ in 2008. 2021: She revealed on Instagram that she is bisexual. She said in the selfie's caption, "#LGBTIA for over 20 years."

Jayne Monáe

The singer admitted to initially identifying as bi before transitioning to pansxuael to Rolling Stone in April.

The 32-year-old was able to come out because she was clear about who she is. I'm a mother with a free spirit, says Janelle.

Mhlongo Somizi

South African choreographer and mother Somizi Mhlongo. When homophobia was prevalent, Somganga was one of the bravest celebrities to come out. As an actor who is openly gay, he has survived. He is a choreographer and social worker with a distinctive sense of style. He is well-known among LGBTQ artists. The business was shaken by his engagement to Mohale Motaung in 2018. They were the first same-sex celebrity couple in South Africa.

Dambuza Lasizwe

One of the most well-known YouTubers from South Africa is Dambuza Lasizwe. He first became well-known by impersonating South Africans on social media.

Lasizwe, a South African entertainer who is openly gay, acknowledged that he was unique since he connected with women more than men. He lost friends and his mother stopped speaking to him for months after coming out as gay at the age of 15.

Kristen Stewart

In 2017, Kristen Stewart told The Guardian about her gender identity. Bi are not perplexed, she claimed. "No ambiguity. I object."

She said, "It's hard to talk about [sexuality]. "Everyone is different, so I don't want to come out as arrogant. Gray is sexuality. Only the fluidity and greyness that have always existed are acknowledged by me.

Lady Gaga

As a bisexual woman who supports the LGBTQ+ community, Lady Gaga has always been out and proud. She admitted to often "thinking about ladies" while "having making love with her partner" to Jonathan Ross in 2009. The singer spoke against bi discrimination at New York's Stonewall club in 2019. Since I like girls, some people might not consider me a member of our group. She vowed not to downplay her difficulties.


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