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Heart breaking: Rosemary could not act after the court decided this (Her jokes are no more)


Surely ever since the court came to a final decision, then it only means one thing, which is that we will miss the acts and stunts that Rosemary Ndlovu was pulling everyday when she attends court. The silly pains and movements she was doing were no more because the court decided to put her behind bars at last.

Her sentence is life in prison, to show that this really shook her herself, she was more quiet and did not even think of doing her everyday jokes. I for one will really miss this big character, because of her jokes and stunts, she really kept the media on fire. But it is about time to say our goodbyes.

Now it makes me wonder if she will manage behind bars or not, or maybe if she pull the same stunts hoping that she will be set free or not? I guess, all we can do is to wait until another drama unfolds because as for her, she will not be seeing out of prison for her whole life.

What do you think as a reader? What do you think stopped her from acting today? What do you think got her sitting still today? Let us hear your views in the comment box down there.

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