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Skeem Saam: Meikie barges in at the Seakamelas, looking for her husband

Maikie barges in at the Seakamelas, looking for her husband, remember Maikie had a bad dream about her husband living a nice life with Seakamelas while he was watching them,so now he try to call John Maputla but he does not want to answer his phone, Maikie thinks that her dream come true because he once saw John Maputla in Seakamelas but she was wondering what they was discussing.

Mmapitsi tried to come her down, but she didn't want to listen to Mmapitsi,now she will go straight to Seakamelas house looking for his husband thinking that she will find her,but unfortunately she will not go to find her.

According to Maikie, She supposes make a peace with Seakamelas so that she could not go to jail, Now she makes things worse and she put John Maputla in a bad situation, John Maputla has a stress and he does not know what he will do.

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