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Plastic surgery is wiping out generations of beauty, warns Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis asserts that corrective strategies got her dependent on Vicodin, and stresses that plastic medical procedure is 'clearing out ages of excellence'. 

The 62-year-old star - who conceded her own encounters with restorative methodology brought about a Vicodin fixation, which she has been spotless from for a very long time - has condemned present day magnificence principles and raised worries over specific patterns. 

She told Fast Company: "I attempted plastic medical procedure and it didn't work. It got me dependent on Vicodin. I'm 22 years calm at this point. 

"The latest thing of fillers and methods, and this fixation on separating, and the things that we do to change our appearance on Zoom are clearing out ages of excellence. 

"When you screw with your face, you can't get it back." 

The 'Halloween Kills' star likewise said something regarding the effect of web-based media on psychological well-being, taking note of she utilizes her own foundation to just "sell things and enhance things" she thinks often about, portraying all the other things as "malignancy". 

She added: "It resembles giving a trimming tool to a baby. 

"We simply don't have the foggiest idea about the longitudinal impact, intellectually, profoundly, and truly, on an age of youngsters who are in anguish due to web-based media, in view of the correlations with others. 

"We all who are mature enough realize that it's every one of the a falsehood. It's a genuine risk to youngsters." 

Jamie has recently opened up on the tensions felt by individuals developing old in Hollywood, as her folks - Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh - both underwent surgery. 

Recently, she said: "I watched my folks get face lifts and neck lifts. I watched their work decrease, I watched their distinction not reduce. 

"What's more, the inconsistency of a great deal of popularity, however not a ton of work, is truly difficult to explore for individuals. Extremely difficult to be popular however not be doing what put you on the map. 

"Also, that for the remainder of your life, you're well known for something you did quite some time ago, and you pursue that consideration."

Source: IOL news

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