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Njeza Is Coming Back For Nosipho See What's Going To Happen

Nosipho (Nompilo Maphumulo) winds up in a position she never imagined she'd be in: she's a battered lady and terrified for her life. 

Which began as a couple of pushes toward the finish of September grows into all out maltreatment by the man she profoundly cherishes Njeza (Nkanyiso Makhanya). 

"The maltreatment goes from only dangers to him gagging her, kicking and slapping her until she has wounds all over," uncovers Nompilo. 

"Nosipho is in too far and insane in adoration with her man and she needs to conceal for him. 

She doesn't need anyone to know what's going on between them. He's getting her make up to conceal the injuries and she considers this to be a token of affection." 

Yet, that changes when Njeza beats Nosipho to where she concludes that she needs to purchase a weapon to shield herself from him… 

Frightened and ALONE 

Nosipho is developing progressively stressed that the following time Njeza hits her, she might kick the bucket. 

"So the weapon is there to shoot him and ended the maltreatment," says Nompilo. "She would not like to go to the police, and she has nobody that she can converse with about her concerns." 

However, before she can utilize it, Njeza – who was set free from jail a year prior in the wake of spending time in jail for killing his father after the man had pounded the life out of Njeza's mother – beseeches her for pardoning. He clarifies his family ancestry with an end goal to attempt cause her to comprehend his activities. 

"Njeza perceived how his dad managed his mom when she slighted him. He beat her up to make her fall in line," clarifies Nkanyiso. So Njeza does likewise to Nosipho… 


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