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Siyacela And Thando's Father On Hot Water After Mzansi Noticed Something Deep In #IsencaneLengane

Siyacela And Thando's Father On Hot Water After Mzansi Noticed Something Deep In #IsencaneLengane



SOURCE: Hashtag #IsencaneLengane tqitter page 

Thando has it hard, a deadbeat scammer of a father and the dumbest husband in this country. Siyacela just need mental cleansing nje, he's full of nonsense. Siyacela refuses to pay a fine to his father-in-law after insulting and threating him. Siyacela consults a traditional healer for good luck and prosperity. 

 I think Thando’s father wants that cow that he’s charging Siyacela to go pay his damages that he owes to Thando’s family. Thando's father wants a cow from Siyacela so he can pay Thando's damages with it. Thando's father wants a cow because of the pressure he's getting from Thando's family and he wants it from the wrong person. Thembinkosi is not there to defend his abused daughter is there just to demand a cow for himself, but he failed to pay for his daughter, only came when she saw she is famous.

I'm not really a fan of Thando's father but what he said about Siyacela and these random women agijima nazo is true Siyacela has disrespected Thando. I'm Not surprised though. Thistis how Siyacela is. He doeslaterven respect the elders in his own family. Doesn't respect his father, the eives and the grandmother. Doesn't respect Thando. So how can he respect the father of his wife?

Thando's family need to go and fetch her before it's too late. Thandos Dad is a grown man who shouldn't even be talking to Siyacela. Since when does the father of uMakoti discuss any negotiations with the daughters husband. Where was he during Lobola negotiations when the uncles went to Thandos home. He embarrassed himself.

If you eere eatching carefully, you would have noticed domething: Thando's father Has Respect For Siyacela. He Spoke To Him nicely at first and he told him sbout his mistake like a man. Siyacela was rude. He undermines him. Thando's father is still an elder. He deserves respect! Absent or not, he's still Thando's father and Siyacela ought to respect him! He's the reason why Thando is here today. And i think we can all agree on the fact that he does respect Siyacela. Siyacela should have apologized and also state that he can't pay the cow in a respectful manner. Siyacela wanted to remind us Thandos father was never around and and and. Thing is Siyacela doesn't know a word "Apology"

What happened to Thando’s father in this episode should be a lesson to us men that we mustn’t neglect our kids whether we working or not but our presence in their lives can make a big difference…don’t make a baby if you going to be a ghost father.

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