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The Inside Life Of Masoja Msiza(Nkunzi) : Lifestyle, Cars, House, Family, Salary & Net Worth.

Dear readers, our focus today is on one of the top actors in South Africa, known to many as Nkudzi. Nkunzi is his stage name at Uzalo. His real name is Masoja Msiza. Currently at the age of 56 years. He was born on the 5th of October in 1964. However this article will give you insights on what you need to know about Masoja.

First of we will start with his lifestyle. Did you know that Masoja is not just an actor?

He is featured in different aspects of entertainment. He's a musician, a poet & an actor(which he is famously known for). Masoja Msiza came to the music scene when he surprisingly dropped his single. The single is called "I AM A Father" and its available on all music streaming platforms.

In his life of being a poet, the main point that led him into being a poet was his fluent English. You've surely heard that Masoja Msiza speaks very fluently in English and usually uses "bombastic" words in his lines. One of the poems to listen to is called "Time To Ryme" and another one is called "Hamba Nami". The poems are very inspirational depending on what's your downfall. Anyone can use his poems as motivation.

As part of his lifestyle, Masoja Msiza donates blood to those in need. A generous act which shocked South Africa. This information was collected when he tool to Twitter to indicate that he donates blood for those in need.

That's how we close his chapter in lifestyle. When it comes to the part of his cars. Masoja Msiza has kept his cars collection off from social media but he did mention that he has plenty of cars and his love for cars is in sports cars which are usually used in car dragging races. One of his cars which he pulled up with at the Ukhozi FM towers was a Ford Mastung.

When it comes to the part of mentioning his house Masoja Msiza has taken to social media to show the world of the house that he grew up in and the house that he built for his family. He even went on to say, "just because you're born there doesn't mean you should live there forever". Masoja Msiza provided the image below.

Masoja Msiza's house is located in the Eastern parts of KwaZulu Natal. We can't provide the full address for safety reasons.

His family comes into play because this house is where they live in. Masoja Msiza is lucky enough to have his mother even though he's at the age of 56.

The part of Salary comes when the readers want to know how he provides for his family. Now this article will let you know how much he earns at Uzalo as he plays his role of Nkunzi. He earns an approximate amount of R47 000. This concludes his net worth to be R239 000.

That's how we conclude the our article today, be sure to leave a comment and share the article with others.

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