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Celebrities Who Have Let Themselves Go

Celebrities on the big screen appear to be something out of this planet, looking flawless at all times. But, like us, they have their own little vices that aren't necessarily good for the waistline.

We found ten celebrities that believe that living life to the fullest is far superior to dieting all of the time, and who are completely satisfied with themselves.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a well-known actress.

There will be no more slim-fit clothes for this stunning lady. She gained 20 pounds after becoming a mother of two, but she is unconcerned. Jennifer claims she is happier and more feminine than she has ever been, and she has no plans to lose weight.

Eva Longoria

In May 2016, this lovely lady married for the third time and got so carried away on her honeymoon that she completely forgot about her physique. This does not appear to concern Eva or her husband, as they are constantly together, kissing passionately to the delight of the photographers.

Kelly Clarkson

The singer has always been a little overweight, but she has maintained her figure via training and diets. Kelly, on the other hand, quit the matter entirely when she married and became a mother of two. The important thing, she says, is to remain confident and cheerful despite the criticism.

Russell Crowe

It's hard to see the ripped gladiator in this large man now, but Russell is always willing to alter for a role: for The Nice Guys, he gained about 50 pounds. Despite the fact that the film has been out for a year, the actor appears to be unconcerned with his appearance. He even claims that gaining weight is enjoyable.

Tyra Banks

The creator of the cult classic America's Next Top Model has long claimed that she was too big to be a model. She now weighs 18 pounds more than she did in 2006, but she couldn't care less because she runs her own business, raises a son, and continues to be a public figure.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly, who had never been a tiny girl, stunned the world in 2013 when she lost nearly 40 pounds to fit into dazzling outfits. This, however, did not last long. She was fed up with rigorous diets and is now glad she decided to live rather than simply "look."

Vin Diesel

The action movie hero is always formidable in his films, but in 2015, he was seen topless...and his steel abs were gone. Vin, on the other hand, was unconcerned about it because he knew he could simply get back into shape at any time. And he proved it: he's as flawless as ever in The Fate of the Furious.

Kate Winslet

Kate is an exception in Hollywood, in that she has never sought for perfection and even despises herself for needing to reduce weight for certain jobs. The actress isn't ashamed of spending her free time with her three children rather than working out.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has always been snarky about diets and weight loss. She admits that she enjoys eating a lot. Of course, that couldn't have gone undetected, and she was considerably thinner 5 years ago. However, gaining a few pounds made her even more luscious.


The British diva has been chastised for her curvaceous figure. For example, Karl Lagerfeld remarked she had a beautiful face but is "a touch too overweight." Adele shed nearly 30 pounds in 2015, but this didn't last long, and she quickly returned to her previous appearance, even going so far as to launch her own plus-size clothing line.

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