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Interesting facts about Khusela Diko’s Age Milestones and How She Is Coping With Her Husband’s Death

Khusela Diko is a politician who hails from South Africa. He has lived long enough to have experienced both the positive and negative aspects of life. The quadragenarian has been accused of corruption, worked in high-level government positions throughout the kingdom, married a King, and ultimately passed away as a widow after her young spouse was killed in battle. It appears that her life, which was before pleasant, prosperous, and promising, is now taking an unexpected turn.

It is challenging to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, and this challenge is compounded when the deceased person was your childhood husband. Diko's political career and their business, Royal Bhaca, were both in jeopardy when she lost her husband at a time when she needed him the most. She also lost him during a time when their business was under investigation. At this point, she required his assistance more than ever before, therefore the news of his passing came as a big shock to her. Her life has been made more challenging by all of this. She is a courageous woman who is making it through this difficult time while she gets back on her feet.

Khusela Diko is a well-known figure in South African politics and is a female politician.

People often say that 40 is the beginning of life, but Khusela Diko's journey actually started much earlier. 1979 was the year when Khusela was born into a wealthy household. Her mother was a teacher, and her father was a well-known attorney who ran a practice that is known for having been responsible for the development of some of the most successful attorneys in the country today.

Once receiving her first degree in Commerce from the University of South Africa (UNISA), her grandmother and mother urged her to pursue a career in politics after she graduated from that institution. She served as a member of the Provincial Executive Committee – ANC Gauteng, Chief Director of Communications – Gauteng Provincial Government, and eventually became the spokesman for the President of South Africa after working her way up through the ranks of the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

The most impressive aspect of Khusela Diko's political career is that she was able to achieve all of her political goals in South Africa before she turned 40 years old. And the fact that she has flourished despite the fact that the political sector is dominated by men proves that success is attainable if one is willing to put in the effort to achieve their goals.

The fact that she married into a royal family and then rose to the position of queen before she aged 40 is even more incredible. This brought to mind a specific moment from one of Disney's movies. Up until the moment that life got in the way, she had a future that was meticulously planned out for her. In a single moment, Diko fell from her position as one of the most influential female leaders in South Africa to that of a political pariah. After getting married to a young king, she went from being a queen to being a widow after the wedding. Due to the manner in which she dealt with these terrible and distressing circumstances, she should be considered for an Oscar nomination.

She remarked that the loss of her husband had shattered her heart into a million little pieces.

Everyone was taken aback when they learned that Khusela Diko's wife, Nkosi Thandisizwe Diko, had passed away. He had just turned 42 years old at the time of his passing, and none could have foreseen his passing. It looked like his wife was in severe pain, and she looked as distraught and heartbroken as anyone possibly could.

Rethabile Matolweni read a tribute that she had written for him during the service that was held in his honor. In it, she described how the letter was the most difficult one she had ever had to write and how the news of his passing had shattered her heart into a million pieces. She claimed that he made a promise to her that she would never be abandoned, and she had no idea that he would break that promise so swiftly.

She went on to state that her husband lived his life as if it could end tomorrow, and that the seven years that she had spent with him were full of love. She was not the only person who thought highly of him; others, in addition to herself, shared her opinion. Khusela Diko has been absent from her Instagram account ever since he passed away, and she hasn't published any new photos as she typically does. It seems as though she is still working hard to piece her life back together.

Khusela Diko tied the knot with Nkosi in the customary manner when she was 39 years old.

Khusela Diko wedded her late husband in a traditional wedding in December 2018, and many people referred to it as the "Wedding of the Year." The first day of the two-day ceremony took place in Khusela's village of AbaThembu on December 14, and it continued the following day in the hamlet of KwaBhaca, which belongs to her husband.

People from both kingdoms regard to the couple's wedding as more than just the coming together of two individuals; rather, they see it as the unification of two kingdoms that were formerly at odds with one another. Everyone at the wedding, including the bride and groom, as well as the guests, dressed in traditional wedding garb.

At the wedding were present important political figures such as the Deputy Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs at the time, the Minister of Public Works, top members of the ANC, and royalties from various parts of the nation. Two weeks after the wedding, her lobola was stolen for an amount that was not disclosed, despite the fact that it held twenty-four different creatures. The individuals responsible for the crime were quickly located and taken into custody.

We don't know how they got together, but we do know that they started dating three years before their traditional wedding, and that they were legally married two years before they tied the knot in a traditional wedding ceremony. In addition, no information on the couple's children has been brought to light since the time of their wedding.

Khusela Diko's marriage to a monarch resulted in her being a widow when she was 42 years old.

There are a lot of people who know Nkosi Thandisizwe Diko as Khusela Diko's husband, but not as many people know that Chief Thandisizwe Diko II was the reigning king of AmaBhaca before he passed away. Chief Thandisizwe Diko II ascended the throne as the king of the Bhaca kingdom in April of 2010.

He attended the University of Natal and graduated with a bachelor's degree in law and sociology. He then attended the University of Pretoria and graduated with a master's degree in development communication. Both he and his wife were students at the University of South Africa's School of Law when the tragic event occurred (UNISA).

In the year 2020, Nkosi Thandisizwe Diko's business, Royal Bhaca, was accused of engaging in corrupt behavior as a result of the fact that it was one of the recipients of an inflated R2.2 billion COVID-19 PPE purchase. According to the allegations, the Gauteng Department of Health paid his company R139 million in compensation for the increased cost of PPE. On the other hand, Thandisizwe Diko adamantly disputed the claims that were made against her.

In February of 2021, it was stated that he had passed away, despite the fact that the inquiry was still ongoing. According to the sources, he passed away at a hospital in East London after a relatively short battle with illness. In spite of the fact that very little is known about the number of children he had with Khusela, his son spoke at his funeral and delivered a eulogy. We are unable to determine if he fathered the child with Khusela Diko or with another woman.

Khusela Diko was appointed as the President's spokesperson when he was 39 years old.

After Cyril Ramaphosa succeeded Jacob Zuma as President of South Africa in March 2018, he made the decision to rearrange the cabinet, and Khusela Diko was appointed to serve as his spokeswoman in that capacity. Khusela Diko was successful in landing the job because to her previous communication experience, despite the fact that she had majored in commerce at university.

Her long-standing dedication to the African National Congress (ANC), where she worked as a communication manager prior to being appointed as the president's spokesman at the Union Building, is largely responsible for Khusela Diko's appointment. This appointment was made at the Union Building. Before she became a member of the African National Congress, she served as the Chief Director of Communications for the Gauteng Provincial Government.

At the age of 39, she had already been elected to both the Provincial Executive Committee and the Provincial Working Committee of the ANC in Gauteng, which is the highest decision-making body for the party in the province.

Concerns were raised about the possibility that she played a role in her husband's company being awarded the contract for providing personal protective equipment (PPE) from the Gauteng Department of Health. As a result, she was forced to take an unpaid leave of absence from her job. While she continues to deal with the loss of her marriage, the investigations to determine whether or not she is guilty are still ongoing as of the time this article was written.

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