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Husband and wife relationship

Pray for the generation actress, her husband went behind her back to marry a second wife.

Marriage is not only for the husband and wife but kids, friends, and families from both sides are involved.

That is why most couples receive counseling before they get married so that they can have an idea of what are they getting into and his to try to solve problems that they might meet along the way.

It broke my heart when I learned that Brenda Mhlongo, the generations, and Imbewu actress were two-timed by her husband of 23 years.

It is alleged that the theater director Edmund Mhlongo paid Lobola for a lady whom he has been seeing behind Brenda's back and the lady is also expecting his child.

Brenda had no idea that her husband was planning to take a second wife.

I mean Brenda is beautiful and had worked I am what could the problem be to make her be hurt in such a manner.

She will need our prayers so she can be strong when passing through these tough t times.

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