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5 lessons to learn from Momo, Mgedeza and Zola’s tragic storyline:

So it’s true, the only person who has the power to embarrass you is your man. If he isn’t cheating on you then he might be putting your life in danger with all of the careless decisions that he will make in his life. Mgedeza is the perfect proof of that!

Ever since meeting Zola, Mgedeza has been putting his wife’s Momo’s life at risk. And now, Khumo has unfortunately lost his life. Below are a few lessons we were taught from the tragic storyline:

The woman is almost always known to you

Research shows that 85% of affairs begin in the workplace. Furthermore, most mistresses are always known to the wife. Your partner might be with someone who is very far away from you. However, don’t dismiss the fact that you might not know who that person is! It has happened so many times before and we have seen it on Diep City, the mistress might be someone in your circle!

You will always be made to feel crazy

When your suspicions become rife you will notice yourself going crazy. Looking for evidence around the house, approaching the wrong women and even questioning your partner about it. They will obviously deny it but once you are made to feel crazy, just know that your relationship is in trouble!

Who can ever forget the scene were Maureen put on Zola’s make up and asked Mgedeza if she looked beautiful? No one should ever go through something as unfair as that.

His friends always know!

Maureen tried to bribe Mgedeza’s boys with food and alcohol just to try and find out where her man is and what he has been up to. None of them betrayed their master by revealing things that they were not supposed to, even though they saw how frustrated she was.

The next time you suspect your partner of cheating and try to question their friends, always know that they will remain loyal to their friend and leave you even more frustrated!

Never leave your stuff at his place!

Most women do this intentionally to spite the wife, but Maureen took Zola’s underwear and threatened to get her bewitched! You might not find an understanding angry wife like Momo, maybe you might leave your stuff at someone who wont even think twice about bewitching you!

It will end in tears

That’s it. Now Khumo is dead and Mgedeza will live to regret this dangerous affair for the rest of his life. Don’t cheat, don’t be a mistress and don’t invest yourself in a relationship that will cost you or your family member's life!

How do you feel about Khumo’s painful death? Please drop a comment below.

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