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Khanyi Mbau's Boyfriend allegedly revealed how much he has spent on her, here is more

Khanyi Mbau Zimbabwean-born lover Terrence Kudzai was the shock when his girlfriend flew home to Johannesburg and left him in Dubai. But from the time he purportedly left her at a hairdresser in Dubai and when she landed in Yoburg, he also questions everything.

Terrence uploaded a video on Instagram that shows how he now feels and loves Khanyi.

Terrence also told Instagram his fans that Khanyi had sent him to tell him she was in Joburg and Safe. But he had gone all night and was seeking for her for hours and hours and was concerned about her.

"My honeymother lately, I could confirm, said she was back in Joburg. My darling confirmed she's back in Joburg, "Terence has been stated.

It was music in Terrence's ears that Khanyi landed at home safely. She released a video of herself with a South African plane ticket boarding on her Instagram account.

She even went to her father's grave. Dear father. Dear father. Dear Dad. Dear Dad. Here it's going to be genuine. Thank you everybody for your messages and for your honest attention to your communications. I'm home, safe and okay, "She wrote. She wrote.

See the picture below:

However, last night things couldn't be more entertaining, with Lasizwe almost blowing the beans in the video comment area of Terrence. The true Khanyi story that left Terrace in Dubai seems almost uncovered as Lasizwe. Remember what happened that morning. You don't want me. You don't want me there. You don't want me there. You don't want me there.

Terrence shared almost how much he spent on Khanyi shaking Twitter with Khanyi individuals.

He even said he did not know, and he appeared upset, why his fiancée had left him alone in Dubai.

He said before the end of his live broadcast "In the end we were in paradise and hell together, I don't know if this is the part we are breaking up, nor do I need to recognize if something was pressing. So all this while, I am insane, my own pal is on a lower Joburg aircraft. We didn't fight, we didn't argue that day she left. I'm confident I'm sending a message. I ought to have known...all it's about making my wife happy, I don't understand if that's love but it hurts if it's love."

He said he planned to take her to Dubai to show her skills and to create more money. Because she informed him she didn't get the kind of money she deserves in South Africa.

Terrence said that without telling him she still didn't know why she packed her baggage. When Terrence told me, "I shared all I had. I thought I brought you to Dubai to be global. I said darling, you don't do that much, South Africa's congested. I founded a company in Dubai with 51% shareholder Khanyi and she received a name. The intention was that she would do social media while I work routinely."

He found out, finally, that it cost him R100 000 to set up a company and he fought with his buddies to prevent him from investing so much money on it. These statements were spoken by humans and spoke horribly on Twitter yesterday.

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