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Isencane'Lengane: Thando Thrown A Pity Party After Siyacela Did This

Date: 06/11/2021

In tonight's episode, Thando gets thrown a pity party after Siyacela did the unbearable.

While viewers had had enough of Siyacela's behaviors, he decided to add more to his incivility. Previously, Thando and Dlamuka's family has found out about the woman Siyacela has been seeing at Durban.

Siyacela has now come out with his relationship with Manto and has been spending more time with her. In tonight's episode, Siyacela took Manto on a romantic lunch and surprisingly proposed to her.

How does Siyacela propose to Manto while Thando doesn't approve of their relationship?

Thando was adamant that she doesn't want to be in a polygamous marriage and if Siyacela insist on taking another wife, it will be over for them. In the previous episodes, Thando admitted that after finding out about Siyacela's affair with Manto, she started to love Siyacela less.

Siyacela doesn't consider Thando's feelings, given that she's writing her matric final exams, he managed to still propose to another woman she doesn't approve of and spend most of their money on her.

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