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The late Robbie Malinga's son spotted with bodyguards - is he playing with his inheritance?

Robbie Malinga is a name that might be familiar to you if you're a follower of South African music who favors ballads and songs with a lot of soul. Considering the fact that he was one of the most talented singers, songwriters, and producers in South Africa. Over the course of several years, he worked closely with the members of the TS Records band to produce a huge number of successful songs through a variety of musical projects. After receiving a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, he found that he would not have nearly as much time as he had thought to take advantage of the balance of his wealth. It has been reported that his son, Robbie Malinga Junior, has been seen enjoying the wealth of his father. When he is not spending his money on high-end apparel, he enjoys the independence that comes with having the means to go to a variety of countries by purchasing high-end autos.

It has been reported that Malinga Jnr. has been seen with security surrounding him in what seems to be a hotel. After that point, people on social media started questioning him about his work and trying to figure out how he can manage to live such an extravagant lifestyle. After the Baby Please hitmaker passed away in 2017, his family had the misconception that his father's inheritance had been handled. Because of this, it appeared as though there was not enough money to last for five years. Because he is supposedly the beneficiary of a trust fund, he is able to pay for bodyguards, which suggests that this has been going on for quite some time.

As a rhyming and trapping trapper, it would imply that Malinga Jnr's musical talent was passed down from his family. When it comes to music, he has been seen practicing his instrument over and over again. Given his lavish way of living, it's possible that he really does need to be protected by bodyguards. An entertainment blogger by the name of Musa Khawula tweeted a photo of Robbie Malinga Jr. along with his security guards.

On Twitter, @Collen KM stated, "He got the bodyguards as a precaution incase he would get famous like me, I know this child, and he is a tremendous dreamer." "He got the bodyguards as a precaution incase he would get famous like me," the tweet read.

On Twitter, @TSheposterboy commented, "Robbie must have been filthy rich, this boy's spent the money since day one and he's not showing any indications or intentions of stopping down." TSheposterboy was referring to the fact that Robbie had spent the money since day one.


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