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Preparing for pregnancy

SkeemSaam: Pretty will regret not aborting the baby thinking that Lehasa will marry her, Here is why


Petty's life was turned upside down after she found out that she was pregnant for Lehasa, pregnancy was the last thing on her mind as she's currently persuing her studies to become a lawyer. Now her plans were completely changed after she found out about the pregnancy and she now has to make a life changing decision, this is currently the most difficult time for Pretty as she has to choose from doing what's right for her conscious and for her future. Things went even worse for her after Lehasa denied her pregnancy, this means that she has to deal with the pregnancy all alone with just the support from.her family. Pretty noe has to make a decision that will be the best for her future and she felt that terminating the pregnancy was the best option for her. It seems pretty made this decision because Lehasa denied the Pregnancy seeing she will have to face the music all by herself.

After she found out that Lehasa and his family tried to reach out to her she changed her decision in a matter of seconds. This has made her believe that Lehasa wants to marry her and raise their child together, it seems Pretty is putting too much trust in Lehasa and she might get disappointed again. Lehasa will want peternity test of a baby so he can be sure if the baby is his after that he will surely want to pay damages for his child, this means he only wants to be in child's life and is not interested in being in a relationship with Pretty. After all Hus relationship with Nothile has been going well and he has no intentions in being with Pretty and not even for the sake of the baby. Pretty will make the biggest of her life not aborting her pregnancy thinking that she will get married to Lehasa, she should not keep the bsny because of Lehasa but because she wants to.

She really represents many ladies with her mindset thats why they end up heartbroken, the always make bad decisions because of a man. She must study hard and work, so that she doesn't depend on Lehasa. If she chooses to put her dreams aside because of Lehasa she will leave to regret it because Lehasa only Carr's about himself, he might want to he in the baby's life but that doesn't me he wants to be with Pretty.

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Lehasa Pretty


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